What are the benefits of joining the John Martinson Honors College?

The benefits of joining the John Martinson Honors College are intellectual, communal, and professional. A member of the Honors College pursues rigorous honors coursework, builds relationships and networks with other highly motivated students and honors faculty members, and graduates with a citation from the Honors College on his or her diploma. While such recognition distinguishes an honors graduate among others applying for professional positions and graduate school, many of the rewards of joining the Honors College are less tangible but equally powerful: personal growth and the satisfaction of intellectual challenge. Honors College students engage the community in a variety of ways and are encouraged to become leaders at Purdue and beyond.

Honors College membership also comes with the following resources:

  • The option to live in an Honors Residential Community throughout your time at Purdue (incoming students who live on campus are required to live in an Honors Residential Community during their first year)
  • Honors College co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • A dedicated honors advisor

Some other benefits include:

  • Enjoy the intellectual challenge of honors courses
  • Conduct original and exciting research
  • Develop social and intellectual relationships with other Honors College students and distinguished faculty
  • A cooperative, vibrant, and diverse community of similarly passionate scholars
  • Enter the best professional and graduate schools
  • Gain a competitive edge in employment

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